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I’m a journalist who’s moved three continents in the last three years. I have now taken my adventure to the San Francisco Bay Area and am looking for opportunities in the new, exciting American media landscape.

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Let's Futsal

For my Master's degree project, I built a website focusing on the sport of Futsal by building an informative features website, looking at everything from the games' history to the controversies associated with it. The site is rich with videos, web articles and FAQ's, all created, designed and edited from scratch.

Vote for Thought

Led a team of three student journalists to uncover the distrust between the Newcastle University students and the political bodies that represent them. Through interviews, analysis pieces and multimedia, we aimed to create a digital-first look into the complexities of student politics.


Well I’m President, You’re Not: Trump’s Petulant Interview to TIME

“Why Are There No Men’s Coaches in the Delhi Metro?”

Stuck in First Gear?
Analysing BBC's Riskiest Reboot

Ichor and the Life Blood of the Inanimate

Web Projects

Author's Pages

If you want to see, watch and read more, here are the links to the various different news sites I've written for

The Courier

Covered stories on British film, TV local art and politics for Newcastle University's student paper

The Quint

Reported on breaking news, created interactive visuals and videos for the New Delhi-based news site

The Hard Tackle

Covered European soccer in-depth, through match previews, reviews and tactical analysis pieces

Jesmond Local

Reported on local crime an local politics through featured videos, articles and news reports for the Newcastle news site


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